Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Relay for Life Race

We are excited to announce that we raised $676 for RELAY FOR LIFE...
Thanks to everyone that participated....watch for more details for upcoming races...

(results are sorted by age and sex)

24:21:00 Michael Lewis

24:38:00 Taylor Morgan

27:56:00 Allix Hardin

31:30:00 Colby Ornelas

20:27 Ryan Wakefield

22:30 Andrew Bird

24:42:00 Steve Johnson

24:57:00 Kade Renfro

25:10:00 Zach Detwiler

32:34:00 Haley Allen

40:20:00 Antany Renfro

22:59 Toby Tucker

24:28:00 Kirby Lambert

24:41:00 Randy Allen

24:48:00 Wendi Stephens

27:01:00 Justin Pierce

30:37:00 Kristie Churchill

30:41:00 Clay Churchill

36:27:00 Sharla Miller

27:15:00 LeeAnn Dean

36:27:00 Stachia Washington

25:25:00 Karen Leonard

25:34:00 Moe Albert

1 Mile
Brooke Olson
Hannah Novack
Joe Renfro

Janet Pierce

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